China Lacquer Black with Gold Trim




Caran D’Ache has once again created an impressive pen. The Chinese lacquer pen uses the finest of materials, resulting in a beautiful work of art with a unique luster. China  has been using it for thousands of years, but few in the West, have the experience.

Caran d’Ache is one of the few companies to have mastered the use of lacquer. The China black care line respects the ancient tradition of China and each instrument in gold plating is a refined art object. 18 carat gold nib rhodium plated. Plunger system (can also be used with cartridges).

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Fountain Pen M, Fountain Pen B, Fountain Pen F, Fountain Pen EF, Fountain Pen OM, Fountain Pen OB, Rollerball, Ballpoint, Mechanical Pencil (0.7)