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I’ve been an avid collector most of my life, beginning with stamps.

I got my first Fountain Pen in 1996, a gently used Montblanc 146.

I was hooked, I began going to pen fairs and flea markets. In 1997 I discovered the INTERNET, buying and selling pens in an early news group. This was before browsers appeared. Pen-Site opened on-line in 1999.

Around that time, I was introduced to Maki-e and began buying from collectors in Singapore and then Japan. Over the years I have focused on Japanese Lacquer, Primarily Vintage and rare Dunhill Namiki, Namiki, and Pilot pens. I’ve been a pen collector and dealer for15 years, and now focus on MAKI-E, regardless of derivation. I’ve developed a loyal following at pen shows, and lately have been putting collections on this site.

I now enjoy a world wide reputation and clientele. I have written articles both in print and on-line about Japanese Lacquer, and given seminars at pen shows.

My primary goal is to provide high quality, rare pens, both vintage and new. I am very selective about the brands that I carry and have particular standards for design, and workmanship.

There are certainly no shortage of pens, I try to carry pens I personally like, and are superior in quality and workmanship.
Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Please sign up for my mailing list and do not hesitate to call anytime.

Thanks for visiting.

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